Book 1: The Judgment Scroll


Book 2: The Beginnings of Sorrows


Book 3: The End of Days

About The Author

Barry is the author of The Seventh Son trilogy, Book One: The Judgment Scroll; Book Two: The Beginning of Sorrows and Book Three: The End of Days. The author has been a General Contractor for over thirty-five years building luxury lake homes and also office and commercial spaces. He has been married for thirty-nine years to his childhood sweetheart, Christy. Together, Barry and Christy have three godly sons each married to equally godly and beautiful women and from these marriages the Lord has knit-together seven awesome grand-children, so far.

The author began this series under what he believed to be the inspiration of God. The thought of a project of this magnitude was a daunting challenge for a carpenter with little of the skills necessary for its telling, but as always happens when God tasks someone with a mission, He always gives everything needed at just the right time. That help showed up first in 2011, with wise counsel from his bride, Christy and later in the form of extraordinarily patient editing by Dr. Larry Keefauver and Dr. Maureen Haner. God is always faithful!

It is the author’s sincere hope that the unfolding of the story crafted here will pull back the curtain on the invisible realm and inspire, teach and motivate the reader with an increased awareness of the loving plans and great lengths to which God goes to turn each of us back to Him.

The Seventh Son: The Judgment Scroll

Hear the words of the warrior guardian angel, Parthos, as he lends his perspective on the times that have spawned The Seventh Son trilogy.

“Countless ages upon ages in the distant past of eternity this planet was created by the matchless Elohim, God of all creation. In His infinite wisdom the planet Earth was strategically chosen to be the proving ground for the futility of all will choosing to be outside His own. Of course none of us recognized that at the time.

“This planet had been given to the highly created one, Lucifer, to base his governance of the entire cosmos from and all was good. Later, as his pride lifted him, he boldly asserted that he would unseat El Elyon, the Most High God and take His throne. That declaration brought an immediate response and judgment against this planet, the home base of Lucifer, leaving Earth a wreck and a ruin. After many, many ages, in the recent past, King El Elyon returned to this planet and the age of man was begun and like Lucifer before him, mankind too chose to follow their own light and wisdom and rule themselves.

“Come along now and share the experiences of the last days of man’s corrupt rule through the eyes of some of us close to the epicenter of this wreckage. For quite some years humanity has been intuitively aware that the end was growing nearer. Recently, the evil tide of brutality has risen to affect unprecedented numbers of people, it has been closely accompanied by the widespread flood of the soul-deadening trade in human flesh. The oppressive dream-killing rule and regulation of evermore centralized and tyrannical governments were all sign-posts largely ignored by apathetic pleasure-seeking souls the world over. Yet the loving wisdom of Elyon moved to allow warnings in the ground beneath, the air above and in the bodies of man. Those warnings have grown in frequency and intensity as this time of testing approached, yet were largely dismissed and did not achieve the desired effect of turning the hearts of man to their Creator.

“Follow along with me now and watch as a captivating political star rises out of Turkey to dominate the world political and economic stage. The Seventh Son unfolds the story of an emerging hero fighting against the oppressive chaos of these days and a love story that is born fighting against the darkness of overwhelming despair in a dying world. Please pray for the newly adopted sons and daughters of Elyon and even for my kind, as we do our best to guard them from the clutches of the evil one. Even now the battle intensifies and we must battle against the fallen-forces of the dark king as they find themselves increasingly confined to this tiny planet.



“Should you choose to travel through this time with me, you will witness the telling mercies of our great King El Elyon in the signs and wonders that He will produce through His adopted ones. These ones chosen before even the foundations of this Earth were laid. It is my belief that you will marvel, as I do, in the boundless Glory that Elyon alone can raise out of this age of heartache and rebellion. Come along now, let us begin.”