From the Mind of Barry

Welcome, and a Story

I’m excited to finally see the Seventh Son, Book one, take off. This story, largely as re-written again now, came to me in 1989 but then life happened. I laid it aside until the winter of 2010/2011 when for some reason the imagery of the story started up again hauntingly. From that point until now The Seventh Son has been an important facet in my life. I hope this book launch, whatever the Lord does with it, will remain a marker and a memorial stone to a time when I surrendered myself completely, or at least committed more of my best to Him. Donald Barnhouse told a story many years ago that struck me about this subject of trust and giving of my best. It’s probably too long for a blog post, but please bear with me as I am ignorant of blog protocols. It was back in the gloomy depression era days of the mid-thirties that there lived a Philadelphia woman of Scotch ancestry, who also had a Scotch name, she was called Mrs. Mac. She and her husband lived in a large beautiful home, had a chauffeur, a gardener, a big greenhouse, a swimming pool and all of the other accoutrements one would imagine with such a home. Mrs. Mac also taught a Sunday school class for high-school girls. One day her fancy car drove up and parked before the house of one of the girls in her Sunday school class. Excitedly the girl watched the chauffeur hop out and approach the house carrying a long white box. He handed it to her and said that Mrs. Mac had sent over flowers for her and then he... read more