The Seventh Son: The Judgment Scroll – E-Book – Kindle




We all have a sense that something extraordinarily bad is imminent. Wars are boiling over everywhere. There is the ever-increasing persecution of Christians. Brutal oppression and tyranny are rising dramatically around the world. Is the stage being set for the End of Days?

The answer is yes. In The Seventh Son you can learn to conquer the stark fear and ragged uncertainty that is beginning to grip humanity even now.

The Seventh Son unveils a charismatic political star from Turkey beginning his ascent to global leadership as the world falls into unimaginable chaos under the weight of what seems to be a world-wide Jihadist attack. Against this dark back-drop a hero emerges, a love story unfolds, and an unlikely alliance forms to save a nation and stop an apocalyptic world war.

Can one person make a difference in a world beyond hope?